Different Medical Cannabis Varieties Create Different Effects

Understanding Cannabis Varieties

Oct 17, 2016

Understanding how Cannabis varieties impact your personal health is important in achieving optimal adjunct therapy. Traditionally, people rely on the standard indica or sativa definition to determine what medical Cannabis variety is right for them, however, a few additions to our old way of thinking may create an even more informed outlook.

Cannabis is much more than a simple classification of indica or sativa. These terms were originally used to describe a Cannabis plant’s traits and not it’s effects. Over time, indica and sativa have evolved less to describe where a Cannabis plant originated from and its unique growing traits to instead relating more to its potential impact.

Linguistics refer to the evolution of a word definition over time to be semantic drift. A semantic drift or change is happening regarding the definitions of indica and sativa; which originally used to define only a Cannabis plant characteristics.

In the past, medical Cannabis patients didn’t know terpene or Cannabinoid information. Patients relied on the same information used by Cannabis growers to choose what Cannabis variety to consume, which is how the two terms indica and sativa evolved from a plant profile to a potential effect. To a grower, an indica is nothing more than a fast harvesting, short squat Cannabis variety with broad leaves, while a sativa Cannabis variety is a tall, lanky plant with more pointed leaves and a longer harvesting time.

The ACMPR allows people to evolve their thinking beyond just indica and sativa because licensed producers, such as Peace Naturals, make terpene profiles and full Cannabinoid profiles of their products available. We want our clients to note the terpene profiles of Peace Naturals products that make their lives a little better.

Our Client Care Department has begun receiving inquires from clients who are seeking medical Cannabis with a specific terpene profile because these clients have developed a different understanding Cannabis varieties. Slowly, the old question what’s your strongest Cannabis or your best indica or your best sativa is starting to fade away to what Cannabis varieties have the terpene profile our clients find most effective for their ailments.

We’re now understanding Cannabis varieties with their different terpene profiles and the role they play in medical Cannabis as adjunct therapy. Client feedback on Peace Naturals products that make or don’t make their lives a little better assists us in providing medical Cannabis varieties people want.

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