What Are High CBD Cannabis Varieties Used For?

Understanding CBD Cannabis Varieties

Sep 14, 2016

Understanding CBD Cannabis varieties and how they may make your life a little better could change how you appreciate Cannabis as an adjunct therapy. We are just beginning to discover the many different reasons people ought to consider employing Cannabis higher in CBD; the science surrounding CBD is very fascinating and constantly evolving.

Many people new to medical Cannabis opt for CBD Cannabis varieties because the effects of THC make them uncomfortable. Cannabis products high in CBD will counteract some of the THC effects and CBD Cannabis varieties are most commonly associated with not having a psychoactive effect.

CBD acts as antagonist, fighting off THC, which prevents THC from interacting with your brain.   

Peace Naturals products Nina and Avi are high in CBD. Nina has a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, to create a fairly mild psychoactive effect. Avi is much different with almost twice as much CBD to THC for a 2:1 ratio. Avi reportedly has minimal, if any, psychoactive effects. Both varieties are said to have a calming almost mindful impact. While these CBD medical Cannabis varieties can be recommended to clients new to Cannabis therapy, there many other promising reasons to investigate CBD as an adjunct therapy for clients that are more seasoned. CBD is one of sixty-six other compounds found in the Cannabis plant that work together to create its overall effect.

CBD Cannabis Varieties for Insomnia

Fascinatingly, CBD Cannabis products have been reported to aid in the sleep of people with insomnia. For many years people presumed they required heavy indica Cannabis strains to treat their insomnia, however varieties with a high percentage of CBD also appear to be helpful with sleeplessness.

CBD Cannabis Varieties for Fibromyalgia

Patients report CBD Cannabis varieties are making their lives a little better with inflammation and tenderness associated with Fibromyalgia. There is some evidence to suggest symptoms may become more manageable with CBD. The potential for solving insomnia may assist with fibromyalgia patients’ painsomnia.

CBD Cannabis Varieties For PTSD

The anti-anxiety effects CBD Cannabis products can potentially make them ideal for people suffering from PTSD. The calming effect of CBD Cannabis varieties may also make people suffering from PTSD lives a little better.

CBD has become an exceedingly popular media topic. Our Client Care Representatives receive inquiries daily about people interested in our CBD Cannabis products. People who were unsure about medical Cannabis as adjunct therapy have turned to CBD Cannabis varieties to help manage their symptoms.

Access to medicinal Cannabis isn’t challenging. Peace Naturals is here to assist you in becoming a legal medical Cannabis client. Start the registration process.

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