Get maximum medicinal Cannabis vaporization temperatures.

Understanding Medicinal Cannabis Vaporization Temperatures

Apr 15, 2016

The Peace Naturals Project Client Care Department is frequently asked questions about vaporization. Many clients have asked for guidelines on what is the best medicinal Cannabis vaporization temperatures because they prefer vaporization over smoking. Vapor is softer to inhale compared to smoke and many feel smoke can be harder on their lungs.   

There are numerous benefits to medical Cannabis vaporization, but the temperature setting needs to be proper to achieve optimum results. Vaporizers come in different makes and models, however by focusing on temperature control, everyone may participate in this Nest post.

Your vaporizer works by boiling off cannabinoids.

The biggest difference between smoking and vaporizing is that fire burns plant matter to release cannabinoids, while a vaporize gently heats. A vaporizer’s temperature control allows clients an opportunity to experience their Peace Naturals medical Cannabis much differently than smoking.

Many of our medicinal Cannabis varieties contain the terpene Caryophllene for example, which boils off at approximately 118°C. To solely taste this terpene, set your vaporizer to this low temperature; however, you will need to increase the temperature to experience the THC and CBD effects of medical Cannabis.

The THC and CBD cannabinoids begin to be slowly released when they reach a boiling point of approximately 157°C. A starting temperature of 157°C will release most cannabinoids and terpenes, but a slight increase to 197°C – 204°C will create more optimal results.

The best medicinal Cannabis vaporization temperature is somewhere between 157°C and 204°C, though some terpenes and cannabinoids boil off at temperatures outside of this range.

Access to medicinal Cannabis isn’t challenging. Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals is here to assist you. Register now to become a legal medical Cannabis client.

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