Veterans Want Cannabis Oils Covered By Veteran Affairs Canada

Veterans Petition For Medicinal Cannabis Oils

Oct 11, 2016

Canadian veterans were left wondering why Veteran Affairs Canada will cover the costs of their medicinal Cannabis, but not their medicinal Cannabis oils earlier this year. The government agency hasn’t explained why they’ve made the unusual decision to decline paying for one form of medical Cannabis over another.

The decision not to cover the costs of Cannabis oil was made during the previous government. However, the current government hasn’t reviewed Veteran Affairs Canada decision to determine if Cannabis oils costs ought to be covered.

Many Canadian veterans have chosen medicinal Cannabis as adjunct therapy for PTSD and other injuries such as chronic pain which were sustained as part of their military service. They have become vocal supporters of medical Cannabis and its impact on their illness.

Cannabis oils allows users to employ medical Cannabis therapy without having to smoke or vaporize dried Cannabis flowers. Oral ingestion of Cannabis oils is a preferred method of many Canadian veterans. They can make it in a delicious meal or put some on a teaspoon.

While in public, people can opt to medicate with Cannabis oils without concerns over Cannabis smoke or vapour impacting other people. Given the public concerns about public medical Cannabis consumption via smoking, Cannabis oils are an ideal alternative.

By having the costs of their Cannabis oils covered by Veterans Affairs Canada, veterans can pursue a peaceful and productive life.

In response to Veteran Affairs Canada decision to not pay for Cannabis oils, a petition has been started by our association Canadian Medical Cannabis Cannabis Council on the official government petitions website. The undersigned are asking Veteran Affairs Canada to cover the costs of Cannabis extracts when purchased by veterans using the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

We’re encouraging our staff, clients and Canadian social media friends to sign the petition for Cannabis oils coverage for veterans.

Sign the Petition for Veterans Cannabis Oil Coverage.

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