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Peace Naturals Launches Nest

Apr 5, 2016

Nest is our place to explore and demonstrate The Peace Naturals Project commitment to making lives a little bit better. In the coming months Canadians will experience our community in action as we showcase our Whole Health purpose.

Here in our Nest you will soon find a plethora of information we believe is relevant to Whole Health. Medicinal Cannabis is one tool in your symptom management toolbox and Nest is where we can explore other resources as we nurture our wellbeing.

In our digital publication we look forward to engaging our network and community as we work support one another. We intend to let you in to explore The Peace Naturals Project by introducing you to the people who help us achieve our purpose. Clients may anticipate exclusive Peace Naturals content and conversations because communication involves listening too.

Besides insightfully and peacefully commenting on posts, you may contribute to the Peace community by following and participating in our social media. Want to share something on your social media (Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook) for the whole #peacenaturals community to see? Use #peacenaturals in your message.

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