Health Canada ACMPR is Legal Access to Medical Cannabis

What is the ACMPR?

Nov 25, 2016

What is the ACMPR? Access to Cannabis for Medical Purpose Regulations better known by its acronym ACMPR. It is a Canadian federal program involving private licensed producers supplying legal medical Cannabis to people with a medical document from their doctor. Federal agency Health Canada oversees ACMPR via inspections of licensed producers and registering Canadians who wish to grow medical Cannabis for themselves.

Health Canada ACMPR has evolved from a series of legal medical Cannabis programs. Each phase of its evolution has brought about an administration name change. The ACMPR evolved from Health Canada’s MMPR, which evolved from the MMAR. Read our timeline of Canada medical Cannabis history.

Canadians seeking to produce their own personal amount of medical Cannabis may apply using Health Canada ACMPR forms. A signing physician is required to sign your ACMPR application. Licensed producers such as The Peace Naturals apply to Health Canada to produce Cannabis for commercial production.

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